Dating new girl gives anxiety

It is often the other person projecting their own baggage onto you.Fighting and arguing is incredibly destructive to a relationship.I would encourage you to think about each item and what it would look like in your life: a) Stop blaming the other person b) Write out a list of every price you pay because of your anger and fighting c) Aim to be happy instead of being “right” d) Take care of yourself and focus only on taking care of the other person, no matter what e) REFUSE to fight or argue with them anymore – stop feeding into anger cravings 2) There’s a difference between disagreeing and fighting.Disagreeing just means you have one idea, they have another and you don’t agree.It will almost feel like the other person is baiting you to fight or egging you on.

And part of respect is putting your emotional cravings on hold and giving that person the space to have their own opinion and thoughts. People have a funny habit of having showing love and respect for the people they are closest too.I try my best to be diplomatic, but he keeps pushing until I snap and the conversation turns ugly.We’re both very strong-minded people and when we disagree it becomes a massive argument and days of “silent treatment”. Many people have the thought that fighting keeps relationship alive.It prevents real communication, defers responsibility from oneself and prevents looking at your own behavior.It’s ironic that we think fighting will somehow solve the problem at hand when, if anything, it emotionally compels both parties to want to assert their offending behavior even more strongly. Both people dig their heels into the ground and refuse to budge since that would mean they “lost”.

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