Dating money talk

It’s not about arriving at your first date with a ‘you show me your balance sheet and I’ll show you mine’ approach.

(I know you know that, btw.) Like any delicate subject, timing is everything.

As I say in the article, I think the time to have a conversation about money is once you feel the relationship has real potential.

That’s when you can start talking about the bigger issues – even if it’s uncomfortable.

You have assets, debts and obligations…far more complications than when you were in your 20s and had an apartment and 0 in the bank.

One of the articles I was quoted in this week was the Wall Street Journal’s Money Watch.

After completing the first three steps of my 6-Step System, most open their mind to meeting men who may not meet their exact financial requirements, but meet their romantic requirements.

Well I think that’s nuts, because when it comes to the forever kind of love and commitment, you need to be on the same page in the sex and money categories, right?I help clients with these ‘talks’ all the time, and find that money can be even trickier to talk about than sex.This is especially true when you’re at this stage of life.Also, do the exercise I gave you above and I want to hear from you!Write me a note and tell me what came up for you and if you got any new information that will help you as you date and nurture your relationships.

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You can and should talk about money, sex, health issues…anything!

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