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This is usually peddled around because the number of Lithuanian women is much higher than their men. Even though getting a man may be a bit harder due to their ratio, they do not come off as desperate or anything of that sort.They carry themselves with as much class as possible.Their men are, after all, very well-mannered and groomed, which is actually a bit of a competition for you.Now, Lithuanian women, as earlier mentioned, are very particular about the men they are with, and will not just settle for anyone.Their preference goes above your physical appearance (although that does not mean you should ignore how you look).So read carefully if you want to increase your chance of marrying a Lithuanian woman! You do not have to be a billionaire or anything like that, but at least show her that you can provide.

Plus, they are very elegant in their dressing, and you will more often than not see them in the cutest dresses and heels.Lithuania is the southernmost country of three Baltic states in northeast Europe, close to the Baltic sea.If you are considering going there, either as a permanent relocation or just for a vacation, you obviously want to know about their women.They will either be visiting art galleries, be out on trips with friends or clubbing, whether at an establishment or at a house party. The ladies are very close to their There are a few things you may have heard or read about the ladies from Lithuania.Since their separation from the Soviet Union, Lithuanian women, and just Lithuanians, in general, are very proud of their country. We’ll tell you just how true they are, so you know what to expect when you go there.

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