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1800s: A Budding Bat Maker The company that would come to be one of the biggest names in American baseball traces its roots to a young German immigrant named J. In 1842, Hillerich--a "cooper," or craftsman who made wooden casks and barrels--left his home in Baden-Baden and moved his family to Baltimore, Maryland. Frederic's son, became an apprentice at his father's shop.Baltimore was only a temporary stop, however, and the Hillerichs soon settled permanently in Louisville, Kentucky. It was Bud's entry into the family business that would ultimately result in the Hillerichs' most famous product.A visit to the museum shows you how the sport has changed a bit between then and now, but the "crack of the bat" remains one of the sporting world's most thrilling moments. is a privately owned sporting goods manufacturer best known as the producer of the Louisville Slugger baseball bats.In addition to its traditional wooden Sluggers, which are still made in Louisville, the company manufactures more than 100 models of aluminum bats for baseball and softball in an Ontario, California manufacturing plant, and a line of baseball and softball gloves. Hillerich, Job Turning, was located in a two-story building in downtown Louisville.Within a few years, however, H & B began branding its own clubs.Adopting the strategy that had proven successful with baseball bats, the company's golf division soon began producing clubs that carried the signature of famous golfers.In 1894, Hillerich changed the name of his bats from Falls City Slugger to Louisville Slugger, registering the new name as an official trademark.

The Eclipse played in the American Association (the forerunner of the National League), and one of its most prominent players was Pete Browning.A skilled salesman, it did not take Bradsby long to make his mark within the growing business.In 1916, his efforts won him a partnership, and the company's name was changed to Hillerich & Bradsby Company.Even so, Bud continued producing his bats, which came to be known as "Falls City Sluggers." Soon, there was a demand for Hillerich's bats even outside the professional leagues, and in 1890, a hardware company in St.Louis agreed to handle all bat sales except those to professional players.

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