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Or maybe they love it and it helps define them as a person, and they'll have countless things to say. This will hopefully hit on something they're passionate about, If someone's a fan of reading, the best way to get them to open up is by asking about books.Whatever the case may be, this question shows you are privy to their profession, and want to learn more about what makes them tick While they might have many interesting things about them, choose the one that stands out the most and ask about it, such as their hobbies and side projects. Their favorite genre, what they're reading now, their most beloved book of all time — the possibilities are endless.It seems simple enough, however speed dating can be intimidating for many people, so we've compiled a series of tips and tricks to help you improve your chances of success!Part 1 - Basic Speed Dating Tips Some general Do's and Dont's for people who are new to Speed Dating.Another one from Convo Starters, this question delves into the podcasts your potential date might listen to in order to expand their mind, and not just leave on in the background whilst they shower — though those are fun, too.This podcast can reveal a lot about their interests as well as what they'd like to know more about. (If you happen to love the same obscure podcast, you're practically If someone posts photos with their dog, don't hesitate to bring it up.If you grew up in the same area, you can take a stroll together down memory lane as you talk about things only the locals would know, or bond over a shared craving for [insert regional food here].

And yet, "by making the first move, [you have] the chance to set the tone of the conversation, which usually leads to a more empowered relationship dynamic from the start," Samantha Fulgham, chief creative marketing officer at Bumble, tells Bustle. It can feel really good to be the one to ask an interesting question and spark a discussion.This question comes from the Bumble Convo Starters, which you can use if/when you're not sure what to say."Once you’ve chosen a Convo Starter that speaks to you, you can send the line as is or edit it to make it a little more personal," Fulgham says."By sending a personalized and thoughtful first message, it opens the door to the fun, playful exchange that allows you to share an instant connection with the other person," Fulgham says.Read on below for a few lines that may help get the convo going, so you can decide if you'd like to officially meet up in person. But how interesting would it be to hear someone's lie, and chat about why they chose it?

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