Dating guarded person

Therefore, pay attention to their body language and words when discussing their past; by doing so, you may find that the unavailable person “quits” at the moment intimacy is supposedly at or near its peak.Many guarded individuals do not hesitate to ramp up the drama when things are going right.

They’ll ask inappropriate questions – about past relationships, sexual history, etc. It’s unsurprising that the arrogant individual, inept at efficient and reasonable communication, are ineffectual listeners.

Just when the kind-hearted person believes that the relationship is about to progress, the inherent doubt within an unavailable person makes an appearance.

Make no mistake, this is not a coincidence – it is a deliberate act of romantic defiance.

Being secretive and cryptic is a hallmark of the over-guarded and unavailable.

This trait applies to any aspect of their life, past or present.

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An emotionally unavailable person takes on the latter form; doing so, ironically, out of low self-esteem.

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