Dating for relationship

If you're dating someone, and I mean actually dating, you're just going out on a casual basis and having some fun.

It can be with whoever you want and you can go bowling, out to dinner, go see a movie, etc.

If you love someone, you try your best to win this person over.

You’re committed to that one person and you spend time together and go on dates. Dating, by definition, is to do an activity with someone you have might have a romantic relationship with or to go on a date or several dates with (someone).

If your circle of friends accepts and likes your potential boyfriend or girlfriend then it’ll help them to become more invested in your life.

Don’t forget; alone time and having individual hobbies or interests are what makes a healthy relationship.

Instead of the usual three or four hours together, you need to start investing full days and weekends together.

You might even find reasons to start fighting, or get annoyed with constant contact you have with each other.And you don't have to explain it to anyone, you know why?Because that person, whoever it is, is just a friend and you're just having fun.There needs to be a mutual understanding; you’re dating to start a relationship with each other.This can’t happen when one party simply doesn’t want a relationship or is evasive about spending quality time with you.

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If you’ve been seeing someone for a while it can be tough to go from casual dating into a fully-fledged relationship.

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