Dating for combat vets

During periods when recruitment requirements were pressing, waivers of the traditional standards for enlistment were conferred, in order that many might be permitted to volunteer.Today’s volunteer military became a Mecca for young men and women seeking to leave social environments and family lives marked by abuse, neglect, drugs, or domestic and gang violence.

Just because PTSD has become a common term doesn’t mean that people are any better informed about it now than they were forty years ago.

Many vets with PTSD report that they just aren’t interested with sex anymore because of depression, medication issues, and other factors.

While no one on FOV staff is a sex therapist, we do feel uniquely qualified to help others tackle this issue as we are dealing with it in our own homes.

Here's an interesting article from Web MD about PTSD and how it impacts a couple's sex life.

While the article isn't talking about just combat-related PTSD, it's notable that it points out that 90% (WOW!

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