Dating dos and donts for teens

Are you aware that according to studies, one in six women have been a victim of rape and that among female rape victims, 54% are under the age of 18!Here are some important tips on how to protect yourself: DO keep a cell phone and contact information with you at all times. DON'T go to quiet or secluded spots with your date. DON'T try to explain things, just leave and call your parents or a friend to pick you up. If you sense something isn't right..out of the situation.

We start being on our own and we start taking decisions for ourselves.

That then turned into deeper intimacy, which included romance and disagreements.

All of this helps you to know each other better and to improve and strengthen a bond.

Because, as women who have already played the game when we were young, we want to save our daughters from the heartbreak and perils of dating, and they want us to butt the @$&! See, imparting wisdom is just what we do as moms, because there’s much we need our daughters to know and remember and do.

And even though we wish they’d just let us ride shotgun on every date and be part of every relationship decision, that’s straight up never gonna happen.

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Add your own advice and the opinions of the people you trust and then just keep talking.

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