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The cost depends on whether you and your spouse can reach an agreement regarding the property division and children, how long the case has to be litigated before that agreement is reached, whether temporary orders are necessary, whether a trial is necessary, whether discovery is conducted, and how reasonable your spouse and your spouse's attorney are (or aren't) throughout the process. Lawyers practice law because they like the challenge and because they need to make a living.

Like you, they have bills to pay, and they go to work to trade their time and expertise for compensation. The retainer insures that the attorney is compensated for his or her efforts.

Check out our section on Divorce & Family Laws in Texas.

If you need legal advice about your case, you'll want to find a Texas Divorce Lawyer.

Divorce can be very expensive, espescially when you and your (soon to be ex) spouse battle over the details.

You can both save a lot of money by avoiding divorce court through a mediated divorce process Learn more about this option here: Divorce Mediation.

"Discovery" is a broad general term for a number of legal devices designed to gather information.

You are "married" until a court enters a final decree.

Nevertheless, you can enter into a "separation agreement" or "partition and exchange agreement." Your actions at the separation stage can "point" the case to the final outcome.

Often, in addition to the pre-temporary orders and mediation, a second mediation will be ordered prior to a final trial. A trial can be before the court or before a jury upon request.

Whether there is a settlement agreement or a trial, at the conclusion of the case a Final Decree of Divorce is drafted.

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There are approximately 75,000 divorces in Texas each year.

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