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If I'm watching TV I'm shutting my brain off.

I know when I met my wife she had the mind set that video games were for kids.

A post on Reddit directed me to this article on Eco Salon (don't click if you don't want to give them traffic) in which an article entitled "25 Dating Dealbreakers and How To Spot Them" declared that finding out your guy played video games was in fact...a deal breaker.

Yeah, this was pretty much the reason for the whole "magic the gathering gizmodo blogger" bullshit. The woman who wrote this almost certainly read the Alyssa Bereznak hit piece on Magic: The Gathering champion Jon Finkel, and decided that she wanted to try the same thing -- except this time without actually dating anyone.

This is very well-reasoned; while it's wrong to be so overtly elitist about what is acceptable for humans and what is not...

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This instantly sorts out people who listen to such crappy articles - those who you wouldn't want to date anyway. I hate to say it, but its all about the page count views, and whoever wrote this article doesn't even believe their own bullshit. Swap 'video gaming' for ' Magic: The Gathering' and these two articles have exactly the same sentiment.

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When your online relationship transitions to a date in real life; here are some points to consider before you write off a potential partner and decide that the incredible connection was just virtual.

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  1. While couples may now struggle to put new codes of conduct into place in their relationships, what remains foundational to any healthy relationship is sharing intimate conversations—face-to-face- and defining conduct that feels comfortable and respectful to each partner.