Dating culture in lithuania

The MO Museum building was conceived as a cultural gateway to link the past and future: it stands at the intersection of the medieval Vilnius Old Town and the city’s newer westward expansion.

Studio Libeskind’s design is inspired by Vilnius’ historical city gates and references local architecture both in form and materials: it’s linked to Vilnius through the use of the golden ratio.

Despite being private, MO is, in every sense, a gift to the city of Vilnius and Lithuania in whole.

Studio Libeskind has spearheaded culturally sensitive projects like the Jewish Museum in Berlin, opened in 2001, and The World Trade Center master plan, which began in 2003 and is still in development – rendering the past and expressing it in the current.

Women here are more calm, not that active and have...

It establishes a harmonious relationship between tradition and innovation.As a private museum, what freedoms did MO have to establish a truly representative institution that may have otherwise not been possible?How did working with Studio Libeskind manifest the best possible outcome for what MO wished to express with the space?Typical Lithuanian woman can be different and could not be associated with some stereotypes other than beautiful or very pretty woman.As for appearance she could have different types of hair color and different...

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