Dating british guys vs american guys

”At the end of the day, you’re bound to date people from all around the world in a city as multicultural as London, but here’s a few cultural differences you might want to be cognizant of if you’re an American dating a Brit in London, and vice versa:1 – American women won’t be used to going for drinks for every date…In London and the rest of the UK, going on a date almost 100% means you’re going for drinks.In America, there’s more of a mix of activities available for first dates, such as bowling or going to the movies (oops, I mean the cinema).

It’s not laziness but more like, “Why put in the effort when I don’t have to.” People say they have “Gaydar;” I have “Britdar.” I will be in a packed place and hear the one solo accent waft over the masses and land in my ear. If you spot a Brit with his huddled in a circle talking sports, he probably won’t lift his head up for air and you may be outnumbered by his mates. She worked in book publishing and transitioned into television. ” “Because you only go out with English or Irish guys.” “Haha, you know me too well. What not to do If you meet a British guy and love, love, love his accent, don’t gush about it. I also really love accents, maybe it's because I've always had the plain old stereotypical American accent and I never knew anyone with a different accent then mine. I find the American accent in girls quite cute They're just like British girls, I'd consider dating them if they have the qualities I'm attracted to, couldn't really care less where they're from. Literally can't stand their accents and they all seem to live inside their bubble where their holy land of USA is number 1 and everything else is irrelevant.I'm not gonna be like "omg you're so're American!? Many Americans I speak to don't even know where my country of origin is.

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