Dating boker razors

He spends a great deal of time cleaning, buffing, honing and using many other restoration techniques to get these vintage razors looking like new.

The utmost care is taken to preserve the unique attributes that make the vintage straight razor desirable.

Overall length: 5 3/4 inches Made in Germany" data-regular-description="Premium hide Opening for blade crook A fine straight razor needs a fine home, and that is exactly what this sheath is.

Please take a look at the collection, as noted before each razor listed is the only one in stock, unless otherwise mentioned.

From the choice of excellent steel allowing the sharpest blade; to the meticulous machining and hand-honing; to the superb materials that have gone into the making of every single straight razor since Boker began manufacturing them in 1869, this is a company that is delightfully uncompromising in a world that is constantly cutting corners.

v=1549859722^Boker King Cutter Straight Razor^7313857216617~// v=1549859722^Boker King Cutter Straight Razor^7313697538153" data-collection-handles="boker,boker-straight-razor,straight-razor" Boker is a family-owned company based in Solingen that is delightfully uncompromising in a world that's constantly cutting corners.

They began manufacturing straight razors in 1869, and we're super happy they've taken the same meticulous dedication and turned it to the making of other grooming accessories.

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