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As you like, in the bath tub like #17 in the 1st step or 35. jazz - kiss lips- kiss neck - change to soft rock - kiss lips - kiss neck 36. and if it's not enough because U arelimit to explode play this game: Salut Steve Ca fait 2 jour que je suis branché sur ce ..... La première fois qu'on avait parlé de ce jeu sur le forum, j'avais pas trop accroché mais là, j'avoue que c'est du bon travail...

follow her in the bathroom - wait her - take a shower 39. let her get in bed first - JUMP IN HER BED AND HAVE FUN...

Her, Truth: Ask her is she´s ever had sex in the bath tub 24.

Now, i'm looking for the answer with the other girl in the lingerie shop.

With the help of an old strip-walkthrough, I found this path:finish the introductiongo to kitchendrink a glass of winetake the steakdo the bbq with drinking 2 glasses of wineuse the cardrive to the live cabaret in the outskirtsparticipate in the striptease-amateur-contest[*]Remove Jacket[*]Pole Dance[*]Remove Skirt[*]Pole Dance[*]Remove Vest[*]Rub Body[*]Sexy Dance[*]Chair Dance[*]Remove Bra[*]Rub Body[*]Chair Dance[*]Sexy Dance[*]Remove Thong[*]Sexy Dance[*]Chair Dance[*]Rub Body[*]Live Sex Act(sometimes she stops when removing the bra, but she wins)at home you can follow her, but don't have togive her a drinkkiss hermassage shoulderskiss her titsrub lower backgrab buttmassage pussymake love Thats the only way I found until now.

One time it gliched and we ended up there and she was in her underwear but I don't even know how to get to that scene. I'm doing this from memory, but I believe the line is modeling pose, compliment (click her face), sexier pose, compliment, click on rail (this errors, but it's the only way I've kept her outside of the car. Dans ce jeu, c'est pratiquement impossible de retrouver 2 fois les mêmes scènes, trop de combinaisons... Du coup, j'avais prévu de bosser un peu sur mon nouveau jeu qui n'avance pas beaucoup et j'ai passé 3 heure avec Ariane... DON'T suggest blow job, instead say "that feels good" 28. Compliment, last picture she'll get your penis out 27.

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She "plays" with 3 sets of lingeries - choose 1st19.

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