Dating a photo by the clothes

Keep yourself ahead of the game with this easy-to-use organizer created by Leah Aldous.

This free printable has a place for you to organize your clothing choices, brainstorm your pose & location ideas, gather your photographer information, plan your budget and more! You don’t have to select the most expensive photographer in town, but remember that you are investing in life time memories.

While your photographer will be there for guidance, you will want to come prepared with a few key poses that you want for your family.

Share these with your photographer and you will be sure to not miss that perfect shot!

Sometimes we get so involved in taking pictures of the kids we miss out on capturing the journey of our marriage too!Here are a few coordinating choices that will look fabulous with fall colors as your backdrop!For the women, we LOVE the daily deals at and Eleventh Avenue.The most talented and sought-after photographers will fill up quickly (especially during the fall season! If you have a large extended family included in the photo shoot, make sure to verify with everyone that they will be able to attend.You will want every member of the family to be there!

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Shabby Apple and Cents of Style have some must-see pieces, too! The key is a color palette and variations within that palette.

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