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Unless you knew he was forty-two, you would swear he was a lot younger. He barely went to college in his youth – but that was because he was more interested in partying and then in becoming a Marine at that time.

He decided to take two giant steps forward – he started going to college full-time, and started working fairly menial jobs part-time. Well – Cornfed Ed became a serious lady-chaser around school, and around his warehouse loading job.

Ed was unemployed for a while, but his wife was working. He wound up sleeping on the couches of friends in the area …

However, after fifteen years or so of marriage, Cornfed Ed’s wife, Ronda, wound up leaving him for some guy she met at her job. but he never wanted to leave that part of Iowa because he wanted to be near his children.

Trust me – if Cornfed Ed can succeed out in the middle of nowhere in Iowa, then you can also succeed wherever you happen to be right now.

Corned beef is derived from cattle (beef), not from pigs (pork).

He also charmed the more mature women with his commitment to his children.

Ed got himself a fairly substantial number of women – six or so his first year as a bachelor.

However, if they gorge or are fed too much corn without a source of roughage, an increase risk of bloat or other digestive problems…

Can you have a midlife crisis without having any money?

This is a key question for those midlife bachelors out there who were maybe married for ten or fifteen or twenty years, and/or have young children.

The short answer to the question is – yes, you can have a successful midlife crisis without having any money … The brand-new Corvette, for example, is probably out of the question.

Expensive dinner dates with foofy, high maintenance socialites are probably also out of reach.

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