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The Church’s spiritual approach emphasises holiness, Divine Mysteries and fellowship, rooted firmly in the canons of the Holy Scriptures, the apostolic and Orthodox creeds, the teachings of the Church Fathers and the first three ecumenical councils.

Bishops on the other hand, including the Pope, are celibate and are selected from within monastic communities.

The major fasts in the Coptic calendar are Lent, leading to the Feast of the Resurrection, and Advent, leading to the Feast of the Nativity.

Prayer Prayer is a fundamental foundation in the life of the Church, and the Agpeya is the book containing the seven prayers observed daily.

Another wave of persecution came when Islam entered Egypt in the 7th Century, bringing a new set of challenges for Christians and the Church.

There was now a requirement for the payment of Gezya tax by non-Muslims in exchange for the receipt of ‘protection’.

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In His infancy, the Lord visited Egypt with His mother Saint Mary, and Saint Joseph during their flight from Israel at the instruction of the angel, and thus Egypt became their second home and a place of refuge (Matthew -14).

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