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“Everyone had Mercedeses and Jaguars, and I was going to school in a Pinto.”At 19, Handler moved to L. to pursue an acting career, though she’s since come to realize she was mainly in search of attention.

“I never really had a passion for acting,” says the perpetually annoyed Handler, whose lack of enthusiasm for just about everything is her most marked characteristic.

“My boyfriend calls me screaming, like, ‘What the hell’s the matter with you? “I’m like, ‘Denise Richards is a ridiculous person, and it’s your fault for giving her a show.’”Other favorite subjects for Handler are the Jonas Brothers (“Until they penetrate, who knows what side of the seesaw they sit on?

”), Tori Spelling (“She looks like a man”) and the Olsen twins.

“He’s less disgusting than he used to be,” she says in an apparent reference to Hilton’s dramatic weight loss over the past year. I don’t like it when he draws coke out of people’s noses who clearly aren’t doing coke. But people are interested in him, and he has good gossip, so we sometimes have him on.”, on E!

Entertainment Television, is a welcome mat for reality-TV show winners, second-string sitcom players and anyone else with a tenable connection to Hollywood.

“I was just like, How can I get in front of people? Then once I lived out here, I was like, Wait—this is so annoying. You have to go in and read other people’s lines.”So she began to try her hand at stand-up and scored a gig at the Improv, where she drank “like, 15 margaritas” and won over the crowd with a set about life as a waitress.

“I got fired from every job I had,” she recalls now.

’”) Meanwhile, the comedian’s book of essays best-seller list since May.When it broke that Ashley was dating Lance Armstrong, Handler joked, “It’s pretty serious, ’cause he gave her one of his Livestrong bracelets, which she’s using as a belt.”Does Handler ever feel bad for the targets of her broadsides? “We’re just making fun of people who act like idiots,” she says. All of this is a big surprise to a woman who appeared to be in television purgatory two years ago, relegated to a low-budget hidden-camera show on Oxygen.“I didn’t really expect to have a ridiculous show on E!

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