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JC is gayer than a goose, I'm disappointed that he won't come out like Lance Bass or Justin Timberlake. Anyway, that's where I heard the news and it the MSM started to kick in.

Chace lives in NYC but he wasn't in town while Carrie was performing (in NYC). It's likely that some of that party time was due to work (contractual) stuff but four days of partying and traveling with JC led to comments about them being 'attached at the hip'.

As we all know, that story was planted b/c of the Elton John pics on Feb 24 and MOST importantly, a few days after that supposed encounter with waitress, Chace went to Las Vegas with JC, he did not go visit Carrie Underwood as the story story-"The magazine notes that a Crawford source insists the whole kiss was innocent. According to that source "He's so excited to be on the road with her.

They are more in love than ever." "Since there's so much planting and hype around this whole thing how the hell can anyone know what's real and what's fake?

Chace was flat out busted, being photographed more with JC (even traveling together, or after spending a night in a hotel!

) than he ever was photographed with Carrie Underwood. If that's the radio station in LA, it is 104.7 but it goes by different letters.

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