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Meanwhile, Jung decides to apply for a promotion at the car rental agency, to the dismay of Kimchee and Eomma, though for different reasons. Kim to be his wingman on a date, which is fine until Mrs. Janet asks Jung to help her fix a dripping pipe at the store, but the repair is interrupted by an intruder. Kim offers the attractive new female pastor (Amanda Brugel) some free items from the store.

Jung draws the wrong kind of attention from his boss when he gives Kimchee a ddong chim (Korean "wedgie") at work. Kim commissions Janet's friend, Gerald, to take his photo instead of asking Janet. Kim is frustrated with Frank (Derek Mc Grath), a repairman who talks too much, while Janet's cousin Nayoung (Soo-Ram Kim) visits from Korea, challenging Janet's sense of what it means to be 'Korean.' Jung and Shannon get tickets to a Toronto Raptors game, but Jung starts to wonder if Shannon thinks it's a date. A police officer (Michael Xavier) helps Jung resolve a misunderstanding and Jung recognizes him as his childhood friend Alex, who becomes reacquainted with Janet. Kim scolds Janet's professor's 5 year-old kid, when he misbehaves in the store, with unexpected consequences for Janet; Jung discovers Kimchee is making extra money by moonlighting for a carsharing company, illicitly using Handy Car Rental cars, and has to decide whether to let Terence get fired when Shannon wrongly suspects him as the culprit. Kim thinks he knows more than her teacher (Tommy Chang). Janet dates Jung's friend, Alex, and Jung pretends to be cool with it. Kim tries to prove that "best before" dates mean nothing when Janet objects to his selling expired ravioli; Mrs.

After being accused of homophobia, Appa decides to offer a store discount to gay customers during Toronto Pride Week — but he doesn't seem to be very good at determining who qualifies for it.

That anxiety is understandable, said Barry Gollom, senior vice-president of retail banking and wealth management products for HSBC Canada."I actually qualify as the last of the baby boomers.

The relative cost expense of buying a home versus when I was looking and my peers were looking, it's materially different."The study found that 11.8 per cent of respondents said they had stayed in a bad relationship because they had bought a home with their significant other, and another 9.3 per cent had stuck around because they couldn't afford to buy alone.

When it comes to choosing who to date at the start of a relationship, though, Gollom said the high value millennials place on finding a housing-market-ready partner speaks to "the level of maturity among millennials, who, at times, are unfairly labelled as materialistic and superficial.""I think what this really points to is that they're very practical and mature in terms of what is important to them," he said.

Gollom also said he was a bit surprised that looks ranked so far down the list."It was a little revealing for me.

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It is produced by Thunderbird Films in conjunction with Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre Company, with Lee and Yoon reprising their roles from the play.

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