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You must ask your person of interest these question before entering into a courtship with them.Too often when our feelings get involved we are willing to compromise on things that shouldn’t be compromised. There are some wonderful men and women out there who have been divorced, some multiple times, who you may want to marry, but unless their marriage has been granted nullity by the Church, you can’t marry them and have it recognized as legitimate.Karen Dear Karen, By way of introduction, let us consider what constitutes a valid marriage.According to the Catholic Church, marriage is a covenant or partnership of life between a man and a woman, which is ordered to the well-being of the spouses and to the procreation and upbringing of children (Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. What is required for a marriage to be valid is consent.Published letters may be edited for length and clarity.Names and cities of letter writers may also be published.If a marriage occurs, it is either a sacramental marriage or a natural marriage. Both are recognized as valid and protected by the Church as holy unions.When validly contracted between two baptized people, marriage is a sacrament.

If your marriage hasn’t been approved by the Church, then you aren’t married in the eyes of the Church, and you could have committed a mortal sin by doing so. Some priests often recommend that the non-Catholic partner take the R. Likewise, the non-Catholic partner will be asked “to be informed at an appropriate time of these promises which the Catholic party has to make so that it is clear that the other party is truly aware of the promise and obligation of the Catholic party.” It will be a challenge and, perhaps, not ideal to raise children in a mixed household, most especially if they aren’t even Christian.It’s not untypical for a non-Catholic to not want to be married in the Catholic Church, but if they are giving you a hard time about even having it blessed then that is a red flag for you. Are you willing to go through Catholic marriage preparation classes or R. The answer to these questions should not be taken lightly! It is permissible to marry a non-Baptized person, you’ll just have to get a dispensation from your Bishop.You should also get to know how his/her family feels about the Catholic faith, as they may apply pressure on them not to have their grandchildren Baptized or raised Catholic. The Catholic Priest will not be able to marry you, but he will be able to witness your wedding and bless it.(Please see our FAITH FACT “Marriage in God's Plan — Discovering the Power of Marital Love.”) A marriage involving at least one unbaptized person can still be a marriage but it is not elevated to the level of a sacrament. Hence, if consent is freely given by two non-Catholics in a civil ceremony, the two may be validly united in a natural marriage.The fact that a marriage lacks sacramental dignity does not constitute grounds for invalidity.

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