C hat camsex domos

Swede: He had consentual, protected sex with two girls (at separate occasions), the condoms broke or maybe he removed them. Please learn your place, move away from the tree and proceed to the nearest kitchen, young trollop!

Of course they want Assange "taken care of", I mean, his organization did expose them for what they really are- a bunch of corrupt and greedy assholes. he maybe a shit for brains but without them doing what there doing pointing out the stupidity of our governments personally be angry at the fuck for brains that are in a governments making total FUCK UPS THAT PUT OUR SOLIDERS FUCKING LIVES IN STUPID FUCKING SITUATIONS FOR TOTAL GOD DAM BULLSHIT..

As for me (a non-religious individual), I like to borrow a quote from the Bible, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Defense rests, Your Honor.

lolrock: No one hasever doubted the wonderful liberateing spirit in the Jeffersonian ideal ?

This man is a fucking hero: Why doesn't he do the same to Iran or Korea or China, he's not a hero, he's an opportunist, interested in advancing his own agenda.

If he had managed to get any real secrets, you can rest assured, he would have been dead, long before he leaked them. This also implies that everything you think you own belongs to your current owner.

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Fuck them Anonymous: i think we should pay for music. ;')Anonymous: Saw this documentar about Dee Dee Ricks (google it) who spent lots and lots of money and more than a year, to buy the best health care to this woman with breast cancer.

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