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William Swan Sonnenschein, of the well-known publishing firm, for a book which, being in all senses of the epithet one of the weightiest of our generation, inspires even a Philistine proseman to emulate Goldsmith and exclaim, — " With blank amazement — almost awe — we ask, How could one life yield time for such a task." That any single man should undertake such a labour is wonderful enough, but much more wonderful is its triumphant accomplishment." Athen^um : "The Second Edition is a distinct advance on its predecessor, and of its predecessor frequent use gave us a high opinion. The first edition supplied an obvious want, whilst the most superficial comparison of the two editions will demonstrate how much superior the present issue is to its predecessor." Daily News : "The appearance of the Second Edition so soon testifies to the public sense of the value of the service which the compiler has rendered to readers and students.

It is a book which even a man of great learning may be glad to consult, and a man beginning to learn will find invaluable. Sonnenschein infinite credit, and proves him to possess a wide and sound knowledge of books." British Weekly : " It is the reader's guide. An especially valuable feature is the classi- fication of works." Globe : " A comparison with the first edition shows what a long and arduous labour the author has devoted to its development." L.

" It would be difficult to exaggerate the usefulness of this work, or to praise too highly the industry of the compiler. His system of classification and arrangement is excellent.

The more the guide is examined, the more struck will the reader be at the thorough- ness with which Mr. Turn to what subjects we may, we find the best current books which the student may consult, and the prices at which they are published. Let us take it that the student wishes to ascertain the best books upon the struggles with Charles I. He turns to the division of ' History' (f) ; a sub-division is ' History of Europe' (iv.). he finds chapter xvi., ' History of England, 1603-1655.' Here are first supphed the 'Sources,' and then follow at length the various works dealing with the epoch. Ho\f' conscientiously it is carried out, and what a mass of concurrent information is provided, can only be ascertained by a reference to the volume, which is a marvel of patient industry and, so far as we have tested it, of exactness." — Notes and Queries. exactly what was wanted — a full, thorough, and accurate list of the best works on every subject.

Not only librarians and students but readers generally owe Mr.

The most complete, most trustworthy, and most indispensable guide to good literature that has ever been made ; a monument of wide and varied knowledge and of patient and unremitting industry." Scotsman : " It will doubtless soon be in every-day consultation among bibliographers." Speaker : " The arrangement deserves unqualified praise, for it is both admirable and ingenious. Sonnenschein has now provided is a marvel of industry and care.

Sonnenschein's system and to the value of his work we have before testified.

The amount of information is only less exemplary than its accuracy.

"A work of such tremendous industry, such admirable arrangement, such incalculable usefulness." — Manchester Examiner. A very excellent attempt." — Library Chronicle of the Library Assoc, of U. A few abridged PRESS NOTICES of the SECOND EDITION.

"A book which every Librarian will be glad to have upon his table. Anti-Jacobin : " The studious have recently become debtor to Mr. it was never published, and I doubt whether much of it was ever written." Daily Chronicle : " An exceedingly useful and valuable publication.

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