Britney spears dating virginia tech

I’d like to believe that Britney Spears is clever enough to exploit the Virginia Tech massacre for publicity. Spears wore a VT sweatshirt before shooting a shooting sequence in the video for her new video is nothing more than a coincidence.

It wouldn’t be right (on any level) but it would indicate that the paparazzi-pursued pop diva possessed low animal cunning. The ensuing brouhaha tells us more about gun control mania and the movement’s media minions than anything else.

Spears last caused gun controversy in 2011, when filming the video for 'Criminal'.

She was seen fleeing a building in Hackney with a pistol in her hand, shortly after the area had suffered from riots and gun tragedy.

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Britney Spears has sparked controversy after being photographed posing with a gun and wearing a Virginia Tech hoody on the set of her video for new single 'Perfume'.

David may not have the same huge salary as Britney, but he can still hold up a paycheck. “David doesn’t date anyone else, he is exclusive,” an insider says. They live separately and have separate lives, but they spend time and travel a lot together.

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While on the set of her new music video for "Perfume" recently, Britney Spears had an unfortunate mishap involving a Virginia Tech college sweatshirt and a prop gun.

During the filming of a scene in which the 31-year-old singer points a gun a man in a car, Spears kept warm in between takes by bundling up in a red and orange sweater from Virginia Tech, the school that was at the center of the 2007 campus shooting which resulted in the deaths of 33 people (including the gunman).

We’re not sure where the couple was going in football gear, especially because it’s not even football season, but maybe Lucado is just a big fan, and Brit Brit just wanted to follow his lead!!

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