Booth newspapers consolidating

Earlier this year, as another part of statewide cost-saving initiatives, Kalamazoo was chosen as the site for a regional editing desk for advertising products for the newspapers, including special sections, custom niche products and other advertising initiatives.Kalamazoo also was selected as a regional center for marketing, and is providing those specialized services to the newspapers in Grand Rapids and Muskegon as well as Kalamazoo.ACGMedia strives to keep its clients and vendors updated on these changes within the evolving print media environment.

MLive, long the cover name for the chain’s websites, has been incorporated as a company, subsuming Booth, and will co-ordinate production of all print and digital versions of the papers (with some job loss as a result).

“I know that was disappointing for him, not being able to go out there and help the way he wanted to help,” John told The Oklahoman.

The Kalamazoo Gazette is among four daily print newspapers in Michigan that will further consolidate operations and implement wage and benefit reductions, effective June 1, in an effort to maintain seven-day publications for their communities.

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Last week, The Oklahoman in Oklahoma City laid off 57 employees paper-wide, including an undisclosed number in the newsroom.

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