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She had her back turned, taking a leak like a man does.

She's new and she's different and probably insecure. Diana put on a smug smile when she saw me with the cup. If someday someone manages to invent a shrinking machine and take something like 20 percent off her, she could easily become a successful model. Her position and the tight skirt left little to imagination concerning her pear-shaped ass. "Or at least it won't make you very popular." "I think I will anyway." She said. I sat down on one of the couches, figuring she'll take the opposite sit. We also included an algorithm in the mathematical engine that improves performance by 60 percent. We used agile XP methodology, almost 100 percent unit test coverage, full UML documentation. None of the other projects in this firm can boast anything close to that." "Yes, well, very impressive." She said though I could clearly see she didn't have a clue if it was. They'll keep just one programmer for maintenance." "Wow." I said. " "We'll try to find other projects you might be assigned to, though most of you will have to go home. I know every line of code there." She let down the brochure. We would have preferred you, but the client simply won't pay that much." "Ow." I said. The woman is hung like a horse." "You mean - Diana – like I'm saving myself for my husband – Diana? And still she could see it peeping from between her legs. She said she wanted to know us better than two weeks. Thanks." "Oh you brown nosing, son of a bitch." Jim smirked. I just wanted to ask you to bring your laptop so you can show me the Multiring-MK5 project. I simply couldn't resist and sneaked a peek at her cleavage. Her boobs, or the parts visible, were indeed a wet dream. And please be on time, she got a perk about being late." "I will. I was just on my way to your office." "Great, I'm really looking forward to see you. She put on something feminine, faint, but it had a nice presence. She opened the top button, took a company brochure from the table and used it as a makeshift fan.

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Ok lady, I appreciate your concern, but that's weird. I turned my head and there she was looking down on me with huge green eyes, full of sympathy. She touched my temple with her free hand's fingertips, then she moved her fingers slowly across my cheek. Even if it means a cubicle instead of an office." "That's not an option, really." Her voice became stern. It all depends on your willingness to perform some special tasks and your aptitude." "What special tasks? But I'm certain you're up to it." She rubbed my shoulder and smiled again. They weren't attracted to either males or females and usually chose to take mates amongst themselves. " I turned around and the warm feeling went out of the window along with my feeling of ease. Sorry, I didn't know you weren't dressed yet." I quickly lowered my eyes to the green carpet. Marsha's or something like that." "Oh, I've already eaten." "Oh." "Though, I wouldn't mind having dessert." She slowly tasted her upper lip with her tongue.

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