Asus m2n sli deluxe problem updating bios dating for young guy

No issues here, was just wondering, however, I'd like to use this opportunity to point out a few of my discoveries on and slightly off the topic: 1) in BIOS version 1408 clearing CMOS deletes O. Profiles, but in version 1604 they stay there (using methods 1) and 2), didn't test out others) 2) RAID settings seem to be written on the first disk in the array, resetting CMOS does not clear RAID, it has to be done in RAID utility 3) selecting Gamer's OC Profile resets all other BIOS settings, which might be a bug, or a feature : P 4) on a rare occasion restarting Windows 8 resets some BIOS settings (under BOOT tab, Option ROM Messages goes back to Force BIOS and delay back to 3 seconds). Have happened to me some times where the computer wouldn't boot when setting default but would boot after clearing CMOS.

If you flash your BIOS with a new version the BIOS will be set to optimized default.

So when you next power up your system should behave as if it was powering up for the first time. F5 or reset BIOS to defaults simply sets the default bios values. There are different ways to clear CMOS and depending on the way or method they will do slightly different things, but the core purpose is to reset to factory defaults. It may not reset the RTC clock, but it's fine for everything else that you'd want to "reset" CMOS for - overclocking. The idea of the switch at the rear IO is to make resetting the board easier - it defeats the purpose of having it if you need to resort to taking the panel off the case and moving a jumper.

SO I wold not focus too much on the "differences", just use the rear IO switch as it is the most convenient way.

The BIOS saved as a Win Zip, and when I opened it, it was set as a VLC media player file, which seemed wrong, and as a text file, which seemed wrong.

Earlier I had been able to open it, and run it, but then it said I had to shut down to get it to activate.

@Raja: I do like the button, but you have to admit that method one is easier (if everything works), 'cos you don't even have to get up off the chair to use it! I'm pretty much unable to answer your new questions but the reason method 2 is used is if the computer doesn't boot due to a heavily failed OC or if the BIOS are corrupt.

For more information visit our Award BIOS ID information page.

At this moment we have 83 Award BIOS IDs listed for Asus.

I can only boot in Safe Modes since I upgraded to SP3. I went to try and update my ASUS MB, but that may have been where I got the Win Zip issue, not the AMD BIOS for the CPU. And when I have booted, I don't think the version of BIOS has changed.

And one issue it said could be the problem is an out of date BIOS. But I was able to check my version versus the latest versions, and I am seriously out of date. Motherboard is ASUS M2N-SLI-Deluxe I really don't think the BIOS updated.

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The item 1 is simple a BIOS reset and not a clear CMOS.

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