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In Turkey the rate of consanguineous marriage is 23.2%, indicating a preference for this traditional form of marital union.

Social and cultural factors are especially important in marriages between first and second cousins.

Cousin marriage rates were higher among women, merchant families, and older well-established families.

Meriwether cites one case of cousin marriage increasing in a prominent family as it consolidated its position and forging new alliances became less critical.

In the upper and middle classes the young man was seldom allowed to see the face of his female cousin after she reached puberty.

There is very little numerical evidence of rates of cousin marriage in the past.

Marriage patterns among the elite were, however, always diverse and cousin marriage was only one option of many.

Rates were probably lower among the general population.

Raphael Patai reports that in central Arabia no relaxation of a man's right to the father's brother's daughter (FBD, or paternal female cousin) seems to have taken place in the past hundred years before his 1962 work.

Here the girl is not forced to marry her paternal male cousin but she cannot marry another unless he gives consent.

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