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Many people who choose to invest in an ARF have already secured a satisfactory income in retirement (quite often a pension).They appreciate that, with an ARF, their money is available to them should they need it but remains invested if they don’t.

If the ARF grows at a lower rate than the level of imputed drawdown or income you take, then the value of the ARF may run out and leave you with no income.By choosing a low-risk fund, you are protecting any gains you make over the period of investment.However, the potential for large gains is lower than if you choose a high-risk fund.By investing in an ARF, your money can remain invested in funds that offer growth potential.The level of this growth obviously will depend on what fund you wish to invest in and its performance.

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Depending on the fund(s) you choose to invest your ARF in, the value of the fund could fall in value.

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