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A big, awesome college town, but it is still a college town.Even for the undergrads, it is not the same level of party culture that you see in other college towns.Most of the undergrads here keep it together enough to remember that education (or at least their grades) actually comes first.

I would like to say that the complainer(s) who popped up in the last couple of months aren't full of shit so much as they put no thought into where they wanted to live in their job search criteria. Ann Arbor might be growing, but it is still a college town.

Are you saying social life for mid-20s is bad in general or just for the partying crowd?

For what it's worth the Detroit metro is probably a farther drive then I'd like to make on a regular basis and Ypsi is a little small for somewhere I'd want to center my social life fun thing about Ann Arbor is it does feel a bit like a Chicago neighborhood writ small.

Honestly this seemed like a pretty young, fun, and vibrant mid sized city to me so I was a little shocked and worried by all the negativity.

Is it really true that social life and dating for young people are worse here than other cities or are the complainers just full of shit?

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