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As a practicing Muslim, Hadi Shakuur is well aware of the specific needs those of his faith have when they're traveling: everything from space to pray to recommendations for nearby halal dining options.Unfortunately, he also knows that in today's political environment, they're first and foremost looking for a safe and secure place to hang their hat.The team has come together organically, being that we all know each through each other.Our devs are all fullstack and are spread out in USA, South Africa, and Pakistan.She teaches us why self-love & self-awareness are key and how to self-advocate like a bad-ass.Much of our conversation centers around a common theme: “if you're committed to your bullshit, you're going to feel my absence.” That’s sage advice for any relationship from marriages to online interactions with strangers."Muslims have particular things to consider when traveling, like where to offer prayer, where to find Halal food, and where to find religiously acceptable activities," explains Shakuur.

We're also bootstrapping so that's kind of limited us in ways. Never have I ever been discriminated while living with one of their hosts.My cousins use it all the time and some of them are hijabis as well. This reminds me of the #Airbnbwhileblack movement a few years ago which was inspired by discrimination.When Hasan Brohi and his wife were traveling across California in the summer of 2016, they used Airbnb to book their stay almost every night.But while most of their experiences using the platform had been pleasant, they made an impromptu booking with a host who initially accepted the reservation but later refused - Brohi suspects - because he is Muslim and his Airbnb profile contains his picture and [email protected] @abadesi It's serving a global market though?

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