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Alya however decided to keep the matter a secret as her family would be very disappointed in her, although she assured Gary that nothing had happened between them.

Alya would surely be angry as heck with her, but she wouldn't be as upset with Adrien about the whole not-cheating thing. I think she said she'd be in the art room, getting supplies or something…" He spun the miraculous on his finger.

It had gotten to the point where one of his answers was, "The fact that you keep letting me tell you what I like about you." Smooth. Just one, M-"And that was where she cut him off by spinning him around and dipping him, planting a kiss firmly on his lips for about two seconds. Fortunately, the video didn't have the part where they used their little nicknames for each other. The only words he could make were, "Oh.""Yeah, 'oh'." Marinette scoffed. I'm not going to dump you because you didn't cheat on me, but I can't let Alya know that!

Alya had been ecstatic when Marinette broke the news to her. Unfortunately, the video started right when Adrien asked Ladybug for a kiss, and ended right after Adrien had run in the opposite direction on Ladybug. " She fell back down with her head on her knees and Adrien placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Of course, why should she, under the circumstances? All ships kinda blend together after the reveal, so I don't think it really matters. When Alya had called Marinette and told her that she had news about Ladybug that she wasn't going to like, she had expected it to be something… Of course, Marinette had already known what happened, but she didn't think Alya would've seen it.

I'm writing this also to say that the next chapter of Realization will hopefully be written in about a week.

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