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The parody stories making claims that Muslims would be allowed to speed during the month of Ramadan or that the UK’s prime minister wanted to cancel Christmas upset people on both the left and right.

As “Geoff Stevens” told Vice in 2015: “the right-wing, they get angry at the news stories, but because they haven’t really realized they’re fake yet, they haven’t come after us.

I’m more scared of the far-left guys who think we’re hate-stirring.”Given Arnold’s history of internet trolling and clearly savvy social-media sensibilities, it’s reasonable to wonder whether the resignation piece on Twitter was a prank, or if there’s some other viral “gotcha” element in the mix.

In July 2018, he was reinstated by Labour but quit the party himself shortly afterward, saying the party had made him “feel like a criminal.” Around the same time, he announced plans to temporarily cut back on his responsibilities, citing health issues.”O’Mara and Arnold, it turns out, are both controversial figures, albeit in different ways—and the details make the already remarkable story of a man telling off his boss even stranger.Quartz has reached out to both O’Mara and Arnold for comment, and will update this story if they respond.And Arnold’s history of mischief-making on the internet means that his actions and comments on social media probably should be taken with a grain of salt.All this highlights a reality that’s easy to forget in the midst of a juicy quitting kerfuffle.

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In May, The Times published an article suggesting he had effectively abandoned his constituency, calling him “Yorkshire’s missing MP.”This brings us to the near-present, when Arnold enters the picture.

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