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I know the value of this life, and I want to appreciate every moment with my beloved man next to me. The world that is filled with infinite love, care and affection.

The next seminar will focus on the new methods of implementation of the EU External Action budget and the opportunities they offer to European companies.

I like nature, music, swimming, walking in the morning. I have Attractive body, my ethnicity - Caucasian, my height is 5'6" - 5'7" (166-170cm).

I can not make sentences but just wrote single words with the snail pace.. :) My female-friend used this company's service and she had found her love - man from England. I need to tell you everything that I have in my heart! Either agency proposes special offer as a unlimited correspondence while month or two months. Manager of agency tells that it is fast and convenient. You can transfer it directly to me and i will receive it with my ID, so no one will be able to receive it, except me.

Who works as a nurse in the kinder-garden and who has kind heart :) I chose this work, because i can help people and i can be close to children, whom i adore and can spend hours with them! I tried to translate my letters with help of the vocabulary, but I failed.. I will not let us to have argues when our children are with us. I hope to share every thought in my head with you, because my heart beats so fast and i try to write you every thought and do not lose any, because they are so important!

And guess that is one of the reasons I do not like Ukrainian men. But i did not feel lack of father's attention and care, because my mother have done everything for me! I love to take good care about me, to be perfumed and take care about my body, as i think it is very important for woman and i like to keep interest of my man in the whole life and in bed, of course. But i have claws ;) Do you like when woman gently scratching your back or chest? It is a real joy for me to share letters, thoughts and feelings with you! I am just open with you and i want to tell you that sex is very important for me in relations. Do you think that woman was born to satisfy man's needs? I think we do everything step by step towards our happy future! I even do not quite understand how did you grab my attention so fast. I will be good mother, because i know how to share love, care and attention with my children. I know now that i am ready, ready to accept the love I have always yearned for.

I like reading, watching TV, cinema, theatres, i like to meet my friends and spend time with my mother, i like go for a walk and do picnics with my friends! It would be great if you wrote me more about your childhood. I climbed trees, collected different insects :) Now, i am afraid of all insects and i even can not imagine how could i pick them up :) It was funny and happy time, even without father! I am very happy and smiling reading your letter, because you wrote me again! You are interested in me the same as i am interested in you! If you think it is to early to send you such photos, just tell me, please. As i told you, i love children and one day i want to have my own, healthy and wonderful children! I can not tell you how many children i want, i think just God can decide how many we will have. I hope you like what you learnt about me :) I hope you will have great day and you will smile thinking about me :) Write me soon! I know now that I am truly ready to accept and give love.

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