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She always mentioned that she admired him, and Itachi was fully aware of it.

Ok ur on the set of Konoha's dating game hosted by Konoha's very own perv: JYRAIA!!!!!! Sorry, Kakashi i cant sign your copy of Come Come Paridise now, because this beatiful young lady came to see which Akatsuki guy she is destined to be with!

Do the quiz and find out which zodiac sign suits you! Just a shortish quiz to see which astrological sign you theoretically fit best.

Take this quiz to find out which of Gary Chapman’s love languages you speak! Discover the secrets of the cancer zodiac sign horoscope dates; astrology learn astrology; ephemeris; star sign. Rate yourself on the following adjectives to see which astrological sun sign you.

You've got many mispelled word and wrong pronunciation in your comment/answer.

I am going to try to guess your zodiac sign just from your answers here post this quiz widget to your profile or zodiac.and what more i only told the possibilities about itachi's lover bcz im not kishimoto either......i did was shared my ideas abt her.........is all abt that.........hello............doing is writing simple english to make u understand and here we are not participating for English grammar test or wspelling test sooooo thats not a big deal.......of the things what u told about itachi was wrong.........i watched and red the manga more than 8 or 9 times especially the part of itachi......of the things what Tobi told were truth....i know what happen to shisui......shisui's one eye was taken by danzo and he have taken other uchiha members eyes tooo to create izanagi arm......i told abt itachi's lover was not a fan fiction.......................???not some spelling or grammar test......whoever u r.to understand...he hehe Itachi does not have a girlfriend, and really girls it isn't going to happen. Christi Love From The Oven / Via Flickr: christijohnstone / Creative Commons. I’m a man and I don’t think my zodiac sign or horoscope matters. this quiz is based on personality, not date of birth or anything.

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