Accommodating disabilities in the workplace

In my son’s case, he has several diagnosed disabilities including: a grapho-motor disability, ADHD, and mild dyslexia.

These three combine to make it difficult for him to read and write.

I contacted Brett due to my son’s interest in being a paramedic in the public sector or the military equivalent of medical technician.

My son, next year, is entering in to his last year of high school making this a real issue.

I was recently touched by the comments made by a manager for a young man named Raghav Swaminathan.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) noted in 2011 that in an individualized assessment, almost all people with autism will determine there is a disability under the ADA (EEOC, 2011).

Disclosure of their child’s diagnosis is also a challenge many parents face.

They will need your support for accommodations and FMLA requests. Costs of autism spectrum disorders in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Autism affects nearly 1 in 68 school aged children in the US (CDC, 2016).

With this high prevalence of autism in our population, it is not unlikely that a manager will be faced with an applicant or employee with autism.

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