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Thank you to our first responders and community members for your dedication and service. bit.ly/2Vz Oq0y pic.twitter.com/izb UYjmynr New preprint from the lab describing a role for metabolic reprogramming in proliferating cardiomyocytes using a single-cell RNA-seq approach. Someday, waiting lists for #organtransplants will be a thing of the past.pic.twitter.com/jz Dm EIl3ra The Regeneration Next Initiative at @Duke Med School is offering a new 10-week summer research program designed to give undergraduate students hands-on experience in graduate-level biomedical research in tissue regeneration. Thanks to @Tzahore @dominic_grun @Ken_Poss_Lab and others for their help biorxiv.org/content/early/… @Ken_Poss_Lab @Regenerate Next ow.ly/NX9030n39Gs pic.twitter.com/PIrp WLE6HL Focus on Cardiac Development and Regeneration from @Nat Rev Cardiol now live!#yearinreview @dukemedschool most popular stories from our blog in 2018 Continuing our review . 8 Reviews discussing therapeutic approaches for heart #regeneration, role of #immune and stromal cells, cardiomyocyte lineage specification, and much more. go.nature.com/2OZhbm K pic.twitter.com/Df63MEC3QB DYK 70% of human genes are found in zebrafish? Submit them on Periscope or on Twitter w/#This Is NIH!Learn more during @NIH's livestream from our zebrafish lab, the largest in the world, on 10/11 at pm ET. pic.twitter.com/0Nmi Zip2nk Cis-cyclopropanation of TDM promotes angiogenesis at mycobacterial granulomas - Eric Walton's thesis work @dukemgm and a great collaboration with @Ken_Poss_Lab @Carolyn Bertozzi and Didier Stainier labs authors.elsevier.com/a/1Xsyi6t8JEV3…It is unlawful for any employee of the department to allow or permit the issuance of a driver license or identification card when he or she knows that the applicant has not lawfully fulfilled the requirements of this chapter for the issuance of such license or identification card. Any person who violates paragraph (1)(d) commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. It is unlawful for any person to agree to supply or to aid in supplying any person with a driver license or identification card by any means whatsoever not in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Any person who violates paragraph (5)(a) by giving a false age in any application for a driver license or identification card or who violates paragraph (5)(b) by possessing a driver license, identification card, or any instrument in the similitude thereof, on which the date of birth has been altered is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s.

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@Duke U TDH Initiative Neuroscience pillar is looking for a molecular cellular neurobiologist investigating brain mechanisms underlying susceptibility to neurological disorders or that contribute to resilience, repair or regeneration.

academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/14331 pic.twitter.com/ULK1i Z2MGI Open faculty position- Duke_Department of Cell Biology: We have an open search for faculty position at Assistant Professor level. All aspiring candidates out there please apply using the following link!

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academicjobsonline.org/ajo/jobs/14349 Amazing first day at the 2019 Zebrafish Genetics and Development Course at Woods Hole.

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  1. When you're drunk on hormones and happy brain chemicals, it can be difficult to see through your love haze to evaluate the grown-assness of a man in an objective way. The biggest fears you have about relationships — wondering if you'll be emotionally compatible with someone, be able to coexist with them, and maintain your own existence while still devoting enough time to theirs — become obsolete when you date a grown-ass man. You don't worry about where you stand, or what he wants, or how things will be six months from now.