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A search in May 2013 showed 203,585 live listings - in December 2010 it was 98,095 using the words 'magazine -book' in the section Books, Comics & Magazines.Analysis of the 2007 data suggests the price breakdown in Table 1.This demonstrates the first rule - do an advanced search on Ebay for sold copies.If the would-be seller above had done hers, she would have seen a copy of that issue sell the month before for £8.50.So, 86% of all the magazines would fetch less than £10, and 99.66% less than £65.By the end of page 30, prices were down to £30 (again, typically, half the lots were unsold).

In December 2007, Bloomsbury Books held an auction in London of underground magazines, including a complete run of , for £3,000.

So if you've got those in a suitcase under the bed, it may be worth talking to an auction house.

And there is always a demand for vintage fashion magazines, such as Tatler and Vogue, which are still published, and Town and Nova, which are not; pre-1970 And certainly there are far more magazines being sold on e Bay - the number doubled in three years from 2010.

By page 83, the price was under £10, but only about a quarter of the lots sold; there was page after page of bulk-selling, pay-it-now items at £15 and £10 not selling.

The same period saw more than 130 pages listing titles for £1 or less - most of which did not sell. The cheapest was £1.95 (issue 40 in good condition with a 'loose' cover). A copy of issue 26 didn't sell; another sold a week later for £4.20. Two copies of Then people might buy a one-off title, for example to commemorate a birthday or rekindle a teen/childhood event - or seek inspiration for a 70s theme party.

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Unless you have a lot of time and patience for selling on e Bay, try the charity shop - or offer to donate them to Magforum.

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