15 year old dating 10 year old

No, a 15 year old cannot date a 25 year old legally in Massachusetts because the 15 year old is a minor, while the 25 year old is an adult and if the parents of the 15 year old found out they could charge the 25 year old with 'Statutory Rape' or have a restraining order put on them at the very least.

A 15 year old is not mature enough to know what they…

could actually charge her with endangering the welfare of a minor - that is, if it were illegal for you to spend time with the daughter."Dating" means different things to different people.

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The same is likely true with hugging, although there are ways that hugging can be more sensual or sexual, which would likely bring it closer to that line. Open-mouthed, passionate kissing, especially with tongues, could be considered immoral or indecent if the intent is to cause sexual arousal in either of the people involved.

When me and my friends were teens, we mostly met potential dates, boyfriends, and girlfriends at school or through friends and family, which wasn’t exactly the fastest or most reliable process.

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