1200 guide to overcoming shyness in dating

Strengthening your overall resilience will give you the mental toolbox you need to bounce back more quickly from setbacks – whether social or otherwise.

We wrote an in-depth series several years ago on becoming more resilient.

Sure, they might think you’re weird or some kind of flake, but so what? You’re no worse off than you were before, other than what you allow yourself to survival threats.

When you start feeling those anxious, shy feelings, keep repeating to yourself: “Everything’s fine.

If someone doesn’t seem to dig our vibe, it can be crushing, or at least irksome. ” You start to feel there’s something intrinsically wrong with you.

A clue can be found in looking at another of our brain’s overly protective impulses.

Researchers have found that when we exercise, our brain says we are exhausted even when our bodies actually have more to give; it does so because its primitive side is anxious about our survival and holding onto our physiological fuel.

Shy people are unresilient in the face of a perceived social threat.

Awkward social interactions can really shake them and torpedo their confidence.

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